Sunday, May 27, 2007

YAY! School is almost out! I'm almost a senior! I guess I'm old then. All my cool friends will be juniors! And I get new squashmore friends. I'm pretty excited for marching band to start. I still know nothing about anything i will be playing, but I'm pretty excited. This week has been awesome. Orchestra concert, then out on a date for Ice cream, then the Banquet, and a really boring Senior awards night that was redeemed by going to someones house to play a game. :)Then Camping with my family on Friday night, then Saturday spending the day with my family at the Scandinavian Festival. Then as the total climax watching The Village with some friends! It has been a great week. I'm passing all my classes. (it was close there for a while in math.) OK enough for now. I get to go put my laundry away. Joy...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am incredibly sick of winter. It is now March. that means it should be getting WARMER!!! I want to wear shorts, sandles and lighter shirts. I want to be outside SO much. I'm also getting sick... which isn't much fun by any stretch of the imagination. It is too hard to make up school, so I get to sit and suffer through it. *yawn* oh well! One of the glories of living through High School.