Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is a one act play I wrote for my Creative Writing class a while back.

Curse you High School Drama







Scene One

LOVESICK GIRL, BOY, and SANE GIRL are sitting and talking. BOY and LOVESICK GIRL have never met and SANE GIRL is introducing them. They begin to flirt.

SANE GIRL: No! No! Lovesick Girl what are you doing? Don’t do this to yourself!!

CHORUS: No! No! Never him! Anyone but him!

LOVESICK GIRL: But he is so attractive…

CHORUS: So is half the school! Anyone but him! Please! You will only get hurt.

SANE GIRL: Trust me. He will flake out on you. He is not a good person for your type.

CHORUS: Not good, nothing good.

LOVESICK GIRL: Maybe he has changed. I can change him. I will always be in charge.

CHORUS: No you fool. You can never guarantee that you will be in charge!

LOVESICK GIRL: Yes I can. Just watch.

Scene Two

Several weeks later LOVESICK GIRL is depressed because BOY hasn’t spoken to her in exactly 13 1/2 days. SANE GIRL and CHORUS are telling her to move on.

LOVESICK GIRL: What did I do wrong? Why doesn’t he like me? Am I coming on too strong?

SANE GIRL: You haven’t spoken to him, you ignore him in the halls, you don’t answer when he calls. That’s not coming on too strong. That’s shunning him.

CHORUS: Yes! Yes! Shun him! Shun him! Move on!

LOVESICK GIRL: But he is so attractive…

Scene Three

Halloween a week later. BOY calls LOVESICK GIRL and SANE GIRL to come over and hang out. They go over and “THAT CHICK” is there. BOY flirts shamelessly with “THAT CHICK”, completely crushing LOVESICK GIRL. SANE GIRL tries to console her.

SANE GIRL: Hate to say it, but I told you so.

LOVESICK GIRL: What can I do? I hate him! He is so cruel. He wanted to hurt me. He… He…

SANE GIRL: He had no intentions of doing anything. He doesn’t think about these things.

CHORUS: Move on! Move on!

LOVESICK GIRL: He only wanted me over to rub “THAT CHICK” in my face!

SANE GIRL: He did not. He just wanted friends over to hang out.

LOVESICK GIRL: Not true! He wants to hurt me! WAHH!!!

SANE GIRL: Fine, I will talk to him.

Pulls out phone and calls BOY.


BOY: I am trying to decide, but doesn’t know who to pick. “THAT CHICK” is going to college in a month.

SANE GIRL: Well LOVESICK GIRL would kill me for saying this, but you are hurting her by confusing her like this. Hurry up and choose and tell her so she can move on if she needs to.

BOY: I will… eventually.

SANE GIRL: No. Tomorrow.

BOY: Come remind me during lunch.

SANE GIRL: HA you fool! If it is important to you, you will remember.


Several days later BOY calls SANE GIRL.

BOY: We talked.

SANE GIRL: Oh I’m proud. Something productive.

CHORUS: Hooray for progress!

BOY: I told her I like her and found out she likes me.

SANE GIRL: Oh. Well, be careful. She bites.


LOVESICK GIRL: He hates me.

SANE GIRL: WHAT THE DEVIL? No he doesn’t. Why do you say that?

LOVESICK GIRL: He said that nothing will work out with “THAT CHICK”, so he likes me. I’m only second best to him. Why even bother.

CHORUS: OH GOODNESS GET A GRIP!! He is a boy. He means exactly what he says, no implications.

LOVESICK GIRL: Oh. Well… he IS attractive…

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Emily said...

This reminds me of something. Hmm.... Something very familiar...