Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Never Called story

“You never called” she said bitterly as the door opened slowly.
A familiar voice spoke from the dark entryway. “I’m sorry… I just had some stuff that I had to take care of. It took longer than I expected. I didn’t get a chance to call.”
“some … Stuff? What takes you until 2 in the morning? Where were you David. Tell me the truth. All of it or I am gone.”
“ No Megan. Please. I can’t explain… “ He reached to turn on the light. The switch clicked, but nothing happened. “When did this bulb burn out? I thought I just changed it.” He walked to the living room. Another click of the lights with no result. “Megan? Is the power out? Where are you?”
“I am right here. I don’t know why the lights won’t come on. Is the power out? “She walked over to the window and looked outside where the streetlights were brightly glowing. Suddenly someone was pounding on the door. Megan jumped and screamed as David jumped towards her and covered her mouth. “SHH! You have to stay quiet. I know who it is and what they want. This is why I was late. I haven’t been totally honest with you about where I work. It is because of my father… I am taking care of some things for him that he didn’t get to finish. I never dreamed that it would follow me home!” More pounding at the door startled them both as they drop to the floor. The sound of breaking glass and shouting paralyzed them. Dark figures poured through the broken window and the now unlocked front door. They circled around the crouched figures on the floor and slowly smiled.

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The David said...

I really like this one. In all the nonsensical contradictions truth emerges.