Friday, August 22, 2008

A couple Sunday nights ago, I was sitting talking to my mom when we heard a large bang followed by a smaller one. We both looked at each other, then at the window. We weren't sure what it was, so we kept talking. About 2 minutes later we hear sirens and look out the window. This is what we saw.
A car was on fire around the corner. The actual car is not visible from this view sadly. The firetruck and ambulences were blocking off the streets, as was a cop car and my neighbor's car. People were coming from all down my street to see what was going on. The lady who was driving the car was standing in the street crying, watching her car burn.
Within just a couple minutes, the fire was out and the firemen were cutting into the trunk to make sure it was not burning inside. A tow truck came and hauled it off. All that is left is a pile of glass and a melted fence.

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