Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Price of a Dream

Ever since I was very small I have dreamed of going to the same college both of my parents attended, as well as both sets of grandparents. It is rather competitive to get in to, so I worked hard throughout high school so that I could get accepted to this school. When it came time to apply for schools, I made a couple back up plans. I applied to the local State College and another in-state university. A few weeks later I received letters from both schools announcing that I had been accepted (no surprises there, one was open enrollment, and the other was notoriously easy to get into). Not surprisingly, with a 3.9 GPA and a 30 on my ACT, I had received scholarships at both schools. I had never imagined that they would be two offers for full ride scholarships. Full tuition at both, and housing at the other, for four years. I would barely have to work and I would be able to have the time of my life. But it wasn't where I always had seen myself going. Three days after applying at the school of my dreams, I received an E-mail saying that I had been accepted. That was good news in and of itself. Then it said that I was being offered a 1 year (2 semester) half scholarship. I accepted the offer from the school.

Am I crazy? Probably. For me, the experience of going to the school I have always envisioned, as well as living close to home, is a really big deal. Big enough that I would turn down two easy rides through college. I guess that is just the price of a dream.

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Michael said...

If it means that much to you then good for you for doing it. I'm very proud of you and congratulations on your accomplishments.

Your friend,